Writing Mentorship

Plenty of us have a great book in us, but a great idea is not enough if you are struggling to pull those ideas together into an actual finished product worth buying. Whether it is a fantasy novel or a self-help book, getting an idea to paper is a hurdle for many aspiring authors.  Let me help you. Together we will:

Fiction Writers:

  • Outline the rules of the world you are creating

  • Develop characters and flesh out their backstory 

  • Work to develop a story that is faithful to the plot, but provides enough mystery to keep your readers interested

Non-Fiction Writers:

  • Determine your primary message

  • Create a careful foundation for relaying your primary message

  • Balance the use of your original thoughts and source material

  • Outline your book, and individual chapters

In addition, I will:

  • Help you set healthy deadlines for your writing

  • Offer you practical advice on how to improve your writing

  • Help you determine where rewrites are necessary

  • Offer advice on the development of your story\book

  • Help you choose a fitting title

  • Answer any questions you may have about the actual writing of your book


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