Change is Coming

If you know me at all, you know that I believe very strongly that God is moving the body of Jesus toward real freedom. All across the nation - no, the earth - the Holy Spirit is calling the church to shake off structures, practices and traditions that encumber the church and to embrace a lifestyle of intimacy, community and freedom. 

In 2019, God began to really challenge me to more actively call the Church into her identity, and so I released my book More Than A Number, which has found its way into the hands of several thousand Christians already. Since its release in December, 2019, it has influenced numerous men and women of God to risk everything for Jesus and to open their homes for the church to gather and fellowship the way Jesus designed. In freedom.

I am hungry to see that continue. So, in 2020, I am aiming to give away at least 1000 copies of More Than A Number and to pour into the birth and/or development of at least 100 new house churches. I am confident God will do even more than I am asking Him to, but I want to put something down on paper so that, at the end of 2020, we can sit and marvel at how amazing our God is!

I would love if you would be a part of that. If you would like to be, please purchase some copies of More Than A Number and designate them as "donations" in the drop down box. Every book purchased this way will be put into the hands of someone who cannot afford it, or someone who is hungry to pour into their community,  and the profits will be poured into what God is doing in the growing house church movement (please know, resourcing house churches does not mean providing a salary for leaders or maintaining meeting locations. It means helping churches meet the needs of their people, providing bibles to new Christians, resourcing new bodies, sending people to visit bodies in need of help and producing new resources to help people start house churches in areas where there is not present help).

To help, use this link to go buy copies!  Freedom

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# of Books given out.

Current: 82

Goal: 1,000

House churches started/being resourced

Current: 6

Goal: 100