The Word of God is the most precious tool in the arsenal of the Church. It develops our identity, guides us toward righteousness and cements us in the purposes of God. Understanding the wisdom hidden for us in the Word is unbelievably important, which is why this resource exists. In The Master Narrative, Michael guides his readers through the story of Israel and helps them to see the bigger picture of what God is doing behind the text. You won't regret this purchase. Once you've read the Master Narrative, you will never read the Word without a real understanding again.

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Discipleship is more than providing theological education. Jesus invited His disciples into His story. He opened up His life and invited them to come and experience the way He knew God. If we want to see the next generation of the Church bear more fruit than its predecessors, we have to raise Christians in a more intimate setting. In Talmidim, Michael challenges his readers to take discipleship seriously and provide practical advice on how to effectively raise Christians.