The world is a broken place. A reality that is not made easier by the fact that the church is as well. Everywhere we turn, we are assaulted by this clash of broken people from the world and broken people from the kingdom. While we know that our battle is not with flesh and blood and that our victory is found in Christ, most of us find ourselves attaching human names and faces to these very spiritual battles anyway. Which not only reflects poorly on Jesus but actually strips the church of its ability to reach the lost.


How we respond to the world around us matters. In The Voice of Jesus, Michael takes a long look at the way Jesus addressed the world around him and challenges us to more seriously follow his lead. It is time for a generation of the church to remember that Jesus prophesied the world would recognize us by our love, not by our judgement. The world is in desperate need of a church that looks like Jesus.

The Voice of Jesus

  • Just in time for Christmas.

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