Psalm Three

While reading the Psalms, don’t forget that they are not just little theological blurbs. The writers were not sitting down to share a biblical teaching, they were baring their soul before God. Really grasping the depth available for us here means genuinely considering their experience.

For instance, consider David here. After waiting years for God’s promise to be satisfied because of an angry King who wanted him dead, he finally took his throne and then proceeded to become the incredible king and man of God he was promised to become. For decades, he led Israel to victory and nearer to God’s heart, and then boom, a greedy son takes it all from him and he is running for his life again.

Imagine that. Imagine the anguish at not only losing everything, but of losing everything because your own son has turned the people against you.

Have you ever been in a situation where people who are supposed to be closest to you betray you in a very personal way, in a way that threatens the security of the life you’ve built? Maybe your spouse cheated on you. Maybe your close friend spread your family’s personal business in the guise of a “prayer request”. Maybe your kids spoke badly about you. Hey, maybe your son stole your crown and chased you from your homeland. I don’t know what your situation was, but if you’ve been there, consider David’s attitude. Despite having lost his kingdom, his people... even his family, he trusted that God was not only capable of sustaining him, but willing to.

No matter what you are going through, God has your back. Trust that. Rest in that. It’s all gonna be ok.  

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