Psalm Six

“Save me because of your lovingkindness”, - Psalm 6:4b

There is something so beautiful about the way David approaches God. If you read this Psalm, you’ll find that David is distraught. He is broken. Absolutely broken, but as he approaches God, he does not demand that God keep His promises or try to manipulate God into coming to his rescue. Rather, he embraces the fact that God, by nature, wants to rescue him.

Really think about that. Thousands of years before grace makes sense to the world, David understood that God could be counted on because of who He was, and not because He owed us something. Beautiful. 

For so many of us, our prayer lives become an endless cycle of begging for things we don’t need and throwing Gods promises in His face. We call it faith, but often it’s blatant accusation. “Lord, you promised my healing, but I’m still broken!” “Lord, you promised I’d want nothing, so where’s my rent money” etc... Our “faith” is often nothing more than attempts at manipulation and divine bargaining.


What if the Church learned how to approach God for who He is, and accept that if He has promised something, it is because He longs to do it? What if we stopped telling ourselves that our miracle depends on us reminding God loudly enough, and we just learned to rest in the fact that if He has spoken it, it is His will, and therefore we are assured He will do it.

What if, instead of holding God hostage to His Word, we held our faith hostage to it and we came before God on the MERIT of what we are assured He already longs to do it?

I am not saying you should not pray. What I am saying is, how you speak to God matters. Think about it. 

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