Psalm One

Imagine being a tree that was planted over a shallow source of water. Plenty enough to sustain you as you grow, but not enough to keep you healthy once you have fully matured. What would happen?

You would grow strong and healthy and develop fruit. And then, once you’d grown large enough to need a deeper water source, your leaves would wither, your roots would dry out, your fruit would rot and you would die.

There are two types of people. Those who are drinking from a source of life that will never run dry, and those who are drinking from a shallow pool.

Make sure you’re the first kind. Make sure that you’re roots are planted over real life. Over life that is centered in Jesus. Over life that is entirely made up of the Word and will of God.

Worldly wisdom may produce real fruit, but it’s not fruit that will last. Resist the urge to model your life after people who are not desperate for Jesus. No matter what success they have, it is temporary. Make the Word of God your focus.  

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