Early Responses To More than A Number

I have never been as emotional over a book as I am over More Than A Number. Not just because it is doing well, or because of how painful the journey behind it has been (and it has been, believe me)… no, I am emotional over this book because with each passing day, more and more people are opening themselves to experiencing Jesus in a way that many of us never knew was possible before.

As I have handed this book out to early readers, the responses have been overwhelmingly positive. For every person who doesn’t find what they need while reading it, there are five or six who will never be the same. Seasoned Christians are having their faith shaken. People who never even knew they were missing something are getting hungry for something deeper. Outcasts are seeing themselves for what they were made to be worth.

Every time I sit down to write a book, I pray it will change people. But as I worked on More Than A Number, my prayer was that it would change the world.

God is doing something that just can’t be ignored. And I am so unbelievably undone by the thought that He is letting me be even a tiny part of it.

Here are just some of the things people are saying about More Than A Number:

This book will challenge your core ideas of the modern Church and her role in a world that is looking scarily similar to the one of the New Testament. - Austin Caswell

The authenticity of life and faith in this book are humbling, inspiring and life altering. If you haven't yet, READ THIS BOOK.- Cory Bolduc

Every generation has prophetic voices that wonder if the church truly reflects everything the Lord meant it to be. I believe Michael Allyn LaBorn is one of those voices to our generation. - David Ketchum

I think this book will be the guide for anyone questioning where they stand in life. - Sarah Reed

From the very first chapter, I was in tears, and I am certain this book will hit you in the feels too... there is no going back after reading this. - Dominique Burleson

This book is an example of a voice in the wilderness. It speaks on the topics many Christians don’t have the courage to say. - Brian Mohika

In this book, Michael Allyn LaBorn takes readers on a journey to rediscover the Church Jesus built. He uses scripture to clarify who Jesus is and what churches are supposed to be. He nails every chapter head-on. I’m in awe, this is by far the best Christian book I’ve ever read. - Joel Crosby

After years of frustration with traditional church, I felt inspired and encouraged, as I could see my individual role in the body of Christ in a new and different way. This book is perfect for all Christians, especially for those who are called into ministry. - Teresa Kelton

I believe that this book will bring many back to their knees and should be used as a mandatory manual for both new members class and inserted in the bylaws of our churches. - Walter Jones

It is so insightful and challenges you in ways that you are not prepared for. - Vickie Valladares

It is not an instruction book or even a guide, but a mirror, calling the church as a whole to measure their congregation and traditions against Jesus’ call to unity and purity. – Christin Hunt

Reading this book will be the best choice you’ve ever made. – Justin Fowler

More Than A Number calls the everyday Christian to move into a deeper relationship with Christ. – Brandt Johnson

Seriously… this is only a fraction of the responses I have received, and I had to cut almost all of them down for space here. I have no doubt that More Than A Number is going to make waves in the church. The only question is, are you going to be a part of it?

This has never been about sales or money for me. It is about changing the face of the planet by shaking the church awake. So please… whether you buy this book or not… wake up. Please wake up.

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