Dismantling the American Family

For the most part, I refrain from commenting on anything political. Not because I don't have opinions or because I am unaware of the corruption being written into legislation in this otherwise beautiful country, but because I believe that the world will be the world, and my ability to affect change rests in the demonstration of the gospel, not in political debates. However, there are some issues that go beyond the classification of political debates and actually become matters of human injustice. And that we cannot afford to ignore.

Abortion is one of those issues.

Every generation faces new atrocities. And although many of them are recognized as such, some are met with such public approval that humanity not only embraces their own oppression, but they delight in it. Passionately defend it even.

The Church felt justified in devoting its time, energy and resources to slaughtering Muslims during the Crusades, in the name of preventing Islamic expansion and reclaiming the holy land (Israel). Hitler did not wage his war on the world alone. His people joined him freely. Slavery did not happen in a dark corner. The world prospered because of it.

Over and over, we have proven that we are capable of not only committing the worst evils, but applauding them.

I may be violating your trust by quoting from a source outside of the Bible, but I think the feeling I am experiencing is best represented by a quote made famous by one of Natalie Portman's most famous roles. At the end of long game of political chess, that ironically has some lessons for the American people today, Natalie's character watched as the democratic system she had participated in her entire life crumbed before her. And, lamenting her loss, she commentated, "So this is how liberty dies... with thunderous applause." 1

Let that statement sink in. Time after time, evil men and women have suggested terrible atrocities against the human race and instead of standing against them, their generation has convinced themselves that applause is easier than resistance.

And here we are doing it again.

Instead of defending a generation's right to live, we align ourselves with their oppressors and actively resist the minority that refuses to cave to their wickedness. Instead of protecting children with our lives, as most of us claim we would do in a heartbeat, we allow ourselves to be convinced that some children aren't quite children enough to be worth that price. But the truth is, deep down, we all know what this argument has always been about. Demonstrated yesterday by the very people who claim to be the champions for this generation.

Like most of my generation, one of the first things I do when I open my eyes in the morning, after a quick hello to whoever in my family is awake already and a quick shout out to God, is check my phone. Typically, I have a handful of quirky memes and a serious question or two sitting in my inbox, but this morning, I opened my phone to an article outlining some newly suggested legislature in Alabama.

If you would like, you can read that article here. But just in case you don't, let me summarize it for you:

Responding to recent legislation that limited women's access to legal abortions in Alabama, Representative Rolanda Hollis has presented a bill that would legally force men to undergo vasectomy's once they reach the age of fifty, or have their third natural born child. Now, on the one hand, this bill is clearly an angry attempt to get even with legislators who are restricting "rights" that she is passionate about, but at a deeper level, it is about so much more. And for that reason, I am very grateful that she has brought this bill to the table. Because it shows us some important things about the actual nature of the abortion conversation.

First, it shows us what the abortion conversation is not about.

Liberal legislators cling to the abortion conversation as the big human rights issue of our day. In fact, it has become such a centerpiece of the left that in recent history, it has become practically unthinkable to attempt any Democratic campaign without a firm approval of women's right to choose.

Typically, they make their stand based on three crucial arguments.

1. That a fetus is not a life yet, therefore their agenda is not against the family, it is on behalf of women.

2. That it is a woman's body, therefore she should have the right to decide when/if she carries a pregnancy to term.

3. That men should not be limiting women's rights, we should be offering them equal freedoms

Let's take a closer look at each of those thoughts, with this new bill in mind:

1. By constantly responding to restrictions on abortion by suggesting that we strip men of their right to reproduce as they want to, they are actually preventing wanted children from being born. Furthermore, with this bill specifically, they are recommending that we make it impossible for a man and woman to have a large family without investing large sums of money into adoption (putting unnecessary financial strain on families) or without infidelity. In other words... their response to not succeeding with an agenda that they claim is not in contest with traditional family structure is to directly assault that very family structure. Therefore, whether there intention is for the abortion conversation to stay about a fetus or not, it ultimately has to be about the entire family structure, because the entire structure is effected by the outcome.

2. It is not just men who are limited by bills such as this one. By telling men that they cannot have as many children as they would like to, they are also telling those men's wives that they cannot have as many children as they would like to. You cannot limit men's reproductive rights without also limiting women's, unless you dismantle the family structure (hope you caught that last part). So, I struggle to see how they can claim they are champions for women, while defending them by robbing them of liberties they already have.

3. I regularly see people argue against the sanctity of life by suggesting that if we want to limit women's reproductive rights, we should also limit men's. However, the joke is on them, because men have so few reproductive rights that it is honestly a joke to suggest our rights could be limited further. Consider the very nature of this bill. A legislature sat down and asked herself, "How can we limit men's rights in order to protest their restrictions on abortion"... and the only thing she could think of was telling us that we aren't allowed to continue having children. What does that tell you? That there are not a large number of rights left for them to restrict. By suggesting that women should not have the right to end their pregnancies, we are suggesting an equal footing. As, you see... we don't have the right to end them. If a woman decides to keep a baby (as I hope they all will), they then also have the right to demand that the father care for him/her.

Despite their perfected rhetoric, the abortion conversation has never been about championing women. It can't be. Not while the fight for women is a fight against the family.

Second, it shows us what the abortion conversation is about.

If the abortion conversation was never championing women, then what was it about?

Let's take a look...

In 2016, black women accounted for 38% of all reported legal abortions (according to the CDC), while the black community only accounted for 13.4% of the population (according to the U.S. Census). What does that tell us? It tells us that even though Caucasian women account for approximately the same percentage of America's abortions (per the same sources as above), for every Caucasian woman that has an abortion, there are four to five black women to have one. Why?

Let's look at a couple of key factors:

* According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor, black citizens are less likely to get married than the rest of the population, more likely to take longer to get married if they do, and much less likely to get remarried if and when their first marriages fail.

* In 2010, despite being only 13% of the nation's population, black american's managed to fill out a whopping 40% of the prison's population(1).

* In 2015, 41% of the black community participated in some form of public assistance, along with 50% of female-led households (not meaning women are the primary bread-winners, but that women are the only head of the household), as opposed to the 14.7% of households led by a married couple and the 29.5% of male-led households (2). (Remember, the black community makes up a larger portion of the single-head houses).

* 5.4% of the black population over 16 is unemployed. For the Caucasian population, that number is 3%. (3).

* 20.8% of the black community lives in poverty (over 25% for native Americans, and over 17% for Hispanics), in comparison to the 10% that Caucasians experience (4).

I could go on, but I will stop and take a moment to put this all together for you (and as I do, please keep in mind that these numbers are closely followed by those of the Hispanic community).

In the 50-ish years since the American people began making strides towards racial equality, many positive changes have been made. No one is denying that, but while the populace has come to embrace ethnic diversity, the structures that were put in place have not been adjusted to accommodate an equal people. And solutions to the problems those structures caused are not sought. Rather, those problems are examined as if they, in themselves, are the source of the economic inequality among the races, rather than the result of that economic inequality.

Instead of equipping a suddenly free people with skills to resource themselves, America developed communities where they could exist safely with the limited resources they already had. It left no room for growth, and it provided no solutions to their foundational lack. With limited opportunities, inferior education and little to no roots, the black community found themselves having to rely upon the charity of a thriving white community, because it did not have the ability to develop a thriving community of its own. They became a people who were growing numerically, but not economically. Which eventually led to a drastic rise in desperate behaviors such as drug dealing, violence and, by necessity, gang activity. Which then led to further divides because the white community was being forced to carry unwelcome weight to make up for a black community that was split between depending on the resources provided to them and struggling to make their own way in the world by whatever means necessary.

I say all of that because I want you to understand that, as a nation, we have instituted long term structures that were, at best, meant to be temporary measures. And as a result, we created a sub-society within our nation where families are being torn apart by desperation, dependency, and developed behaviors. And instead of helping to restructure that community, we are blaming them for the divide.

Which brings us back to abortion.

Yes, I know it has been a long road to get us here, but there were a few things I needed you to understand. But now that we're here, let's end strong.

Abortion is more prevalent in the black community because the family structure has been more effectively dismantled in the black community. We have more drug activity, more violence, more gang activity and more poverty, therefore we have higher rates of incarceration, welfare dependency and people uninterested in marriage. And as a result, we have more women getting pregnant without the resources, husbands or help that they need to raise families.

Erego, a higher rate of abortion.

But it goes deeper than that, and this is really why I am writing this blog today. Especially in light of this new bill that has been presented to the House.

Despite all of their posturing as our champions, it is important to note that the people who are so passionately fighting for "reproductive rights" are also the people fighting to keep the structures that broke the black family in place. That can't be a coincidence.

- It is the left that constantly questions the value and worth of men and challenges women to accept that they can do it all alone.

- It is the left that constantly calls for funding for assistance programs and higher taxes on the wealthy in order to maintain them. Effectively impoverishing the middle class and keeping the poor healthy enough to feel championed.

- It is the left that questions the structure of the family at every opportunity, constantly seeking to redefine normal and expand the definition of health.

- And it is the left that is now saying that the solution to restrictions on the murder of children is to force families to have less children.

Maybe you don't care what I've had to say here. Maybe my stats mean nothing to you. But that last sentence should, at the very least. With this new bill, the left has reminded us that what they've been fighting for this entire time is not actually about championing women, but about controlling the future of the American family.

Abortion is not just a political issue. It is a social injustice. Not only are we allowing ourselves to be convinced that killing our own children is beautiful, but we are allowing that to be the platform that politicians use to dismantle the entire American family.

Enough is enough. We have to do something.

Let's revisit something I said earlier in this blog:

Time after time, evil men and women have suggested terrible atrocities against the human race and instead of standing against them, their generation has convinced themselves that applause is easier than resistance.

Decades ago, a war began on the black family. But today, it is not just the black family being challenged. It is the American family. Although the black community has been conditioned to embrace oppression, in many ways, it is not just the black community that is under assault. What happened to us is going to happen to the entire nation if we don't rise up and say enough is enough.

So please... stop applauding. Stop championing the murder of children. Stop begging politicians to pave the way for socialism and the end of liberty. This path we are on is not one that will end in joy. We must turn back. And we must fix the atrocities we have already engaged in. We must stop allowing the left to tell us they are championing women and minorities, and we must actually champion women and minorities. We must abolish abortion, and we must resource our communities to actually grow. And we must fight for the American family.

1 - Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith, directed by George Lucas (2005; San Rafael, CA: Lucasfilm Ltd.)

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