Did You Know...

Did you know that…

1. Job was quite possibly the first book written in the Bible.

2. Although Eve sinned first, Adam was the one who cost us eternal life.

3. The law had more to do with being “separate” than being “perfect”.

4. The journey from Egypt to the promised land is only a fourteen day walk.

5. Israel’s standing with God almost always rested in the concept of community. When they lived consecrated to Himself, they stayed in good standing even in the midst of other failures. But when they embraced Pagan people groups or Pagan gods, God would discipline them.

6. The book of Ruth is not about Ruth. It is about Naomi.

7. Jonah was already a well known prophet when God called him to go to Nineveh and the reason he didn’t want to go was because Nineveh was the capital of a nation that had spent years oppressing Israel.

8. Ezekiel and Daniel were prophesying in Babylon at the same time that Jeremiah was prophesying in Judah.

9. The Edomite’s were the descendants of Esau, the brother of Jacob, who fathered the people of Israel. Sibling rivalry at its finest.

10. There are several chapters to Daniel that didn’t end up in the Bible, one of which includes a Dragon.

11. Ezra and Nehemiah were written to be one single book.

12. The “bad guy” in Esther’s story was a descendant of a people that Israel had pretty much wiped off the map. Their enmity wasn’t new.

13. The Chronicles were written to remind Judah of who they were, not just to give them an account of their history.

Did you know all of this? Did you know any of it?

I did, and it is all included in The Master Narrative, along with so many other important pieces of information. As my friend, David Ramos, says in the Foreword, “The story of God does not begin in a manger.” If you want to really understand what Jesus did for you, you need to understand what He did in Israel. Their story matters.

Go ahead, spend the buck. It won’t break you, but it will sure change your life.


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