“Enabling Adam and Eve to reproduce and then commanding them to do so had less to do with giving them the chance to experience parenthood and much more to do with steering humanity toward its responsibility to look and rule the way God did. It was about community.”

Community is not just a part of our Christian experience. It is central to God’s design for us. He made us to do this together. Demonstrated by the fact that He has designed us to be incapable of fully satisfying His nature alone. From birth, family forces us to exist in community. And then when we reach maturity, marriage takes that concept and introduces us to another level of intimacy. He gave us genders, personalities, gifts, strengths and weaknesses, forcing us to rely on one another to find any kind of real fulfillment in this life.

Community is important. It’s something we cannot live without successfully. And raising healthy disciples means raising men and women who get that.

Even if you don’t buy my book, please remember this thought. You cannot raise healthy Christians without community. 

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