Help Us Change The World

History will remember this season as the beginning of an incredible reformation in the house of God. I am absolutely convinced of it. Almost weekly, I am approached by men an women who feel the Holy Spirit calling them into something deeper. Whether that is a call out of a religious mindset, a call to active ministry or a call to set aide the idols they didn't even recognize in their lives before, they are all becoming called to something deeper than they have experienced before.

With sudden limitations on what "church" can look like, divisions over heath, theology and freedom, we are seeing the foundations of modern Christianity shake in ways it hasn't in well over a hundred years. And despite all of our disagreements, one thing is certain: At the end of this, Christianity will look different than it did yesterday. The question is, will we bow to the pressure being thrown at us from every direction and become even more dependent upon the world's opinion of us, or will we surrender to the supernatural work the Holy Spirit is doing and become a deeper, more vibrant reflection of Jesus? 

I have been prophesying and teaching about coming change in the body for years, and now that it is at our door, I am determined to get as many tools as possible into the hands of the body. Which is why, over the next twelve months, I will be releasing five new books. Some alongside co-authors, some on my own, but all directly related to calling the church into a deeper, healthier relationship with Jesus. Our health can't wait any longer. So please help me get these resources into the hands of as many Christians as possible. 

With each resource, there are a number of unique costs, such as: Editing, cover design, formatting, etc. Not to mention the money it costs to actually produce books and get them into the hands of hungry Christians around the world. This is not about money to me. It is about healing the church so that we can change the world.

Here is a brief look at the resources I will be releasing in the next twelve months:

Taste and See: Most of us have accepted that temptation is something we will struggle with for the rest of our lives. But the truth is, temptation is just the our flesh craving satisfaction for very real needs in our lives. The key to overcoming our struggle with sin isn't accountability groups or 7-step programs. It is in learning to truly see Jesus and becoming satisfied with him. Our needs are real. But thankfully, Jesus is enough to meet them. (Written with Braedon Pierce.)

The Voice of Jesus: We speak for God, himself. And far too few of us take that as seriously as we should. In The Voice of Jesus, my co-author, Dominique Burleson and I take a look at the way Jesus approached God, sin, faith, the church, his enemies, the world, etc... and we challenge the church to begin approaching our responsibility to use his voice the way he would seriously. There is a reason the world looks at us as examples of why Jesus isn't worth their effort. We have forgotten how important it is to speak for him well. We hope to inspire God's people to change that. 

What if Love is Enough? If 2020 has taught us one thing, it is that no one is safe. Every time we turn around, the world is facing some new threat and trying to find its balance again. And in the midst of that, the Church has not been the cure the world needs. But we can be. We know that God is love, but far too few of us have realized that we were made to be as well. In this book, Qawve Baugh and I will be challenging the church to embrace love as the weapon it is. We believe that if God's people will remember what it means to love the world, we can finally return to our place as the wielders of God's power. 

Jesus, alone. We all know that the law's power has been broken. However, do we really understand what that means? In this book, I will take a look at the modern church and challenge the church to really grasp what it means to surrender to Jesus. It is our nature to try to satisfy our purpose through our own strength, but the truth is, our purpose is only satisfied when we surrender our own strength and learn to rest in Jesus, alone. 

The Master Narrative: New Testament Volume In the same fashion as my Old Testament guide, which was released in 2018, this book will walk readers through each letter of the New Testament in chronological order, helping them to put the word in context and make scripture easier to understand. Modern preaching has largely become a game of who can twist the scripture into the most interesting thought each Sunday. And that just isn't what God intended for us. The Word was written to mean something and if we want to have real life, we need to start taking this book seriously.